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Indian Defence NewsA Pakistan bound ship alleged to be containing weapons continues to be seized by Indian authorities. Currently moored at Diamond Harbour Port, the Indian Navy and Coast Guard were contacted from the Kolkata Port Trust after it absolutely was discovered the crew in the alleged ship, the M V Agean Glory, hadn’t declared itself to be carrying explosives.

The result of the attack stood a demoralizing relation to the Indian leadership as well as the Indian Army. This situation can squarely laid on the doorstep of successive Army Chiefs right from General Cariappa to General Thapar who abandoned their duty in conditioning the Army to take care of China. No mountain exercise was ever conducted for that troops as well as the Staff College had only exercises on battles in the plains of Punjab and deserts of Rajasthan as you possibly can scenarios of the conflict. The Indian Air Force then stood a mix of Gnats, Hunters, Mystere’s, Canberra’s and MIG 21.

The concept of an enemy officer also conforming to the ideals of his class and showing the attributes of gentlemanliness – fair play, honor, and respect for human values just isn’t something utopian. It was an undeniable fact of life inside the ethos with the British Indian has the Pakistani army lived around it since those days? Perhaps I should explain right at the start that I only propose to lay out evidence rather than make judgments.

Initially RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) an intelligence department in the Government of India gave training for the LTTE cadres. This was concerning was inherent sympathy to the plight from the Tamils in Sri Lanka, numerous Tamils are now living in the Southern State of Tamilnadu. However over time it was stopped because LTTE had turned to terrorist activities. In 1987 Rajiv Gandhi experimented with broker a peace pact between your LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government. In a shrewd move the Lankan President Jayewardene, invited the Indian Army being a peace keeping force.

Now, were you aware that Suresh Kalmadi served like a pilot inside Indian Air Force through the period 1965-1971….Shocking naah? I wonder who on earth recruited him like a pilot inside the first place! I cannot otherwise this could happen wrench sitting within the aircraft cockpit, shooting down enemies whilst risking his life to safeguard the country as well as people. I can rather imagine him as being a flight attendant, serving people some food & carbonated drinks while intermittently requesting these phones tighten their seat belts.

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